Decoy: Mono

1990 Decoy Production DPCD-9002
1.In the open air2.Five minutes fast3.What!4.Chuma5.Time6.Y.U.P.7.Waiting for you8.Private passion9.Mono
Kari Järvinen (electric bass), Lauri Kettunen (electric and acoustic guitar, guitar synthesizer), Tommi Koivuniemi (keyboards and alto flute), Anssi Nykänen (drums), Petteri Vilén (soprano and alto saxophone)
Mongo Aaltonen (percussion), Kim Lönnholm (vocals), Jukka Perko (alto saxophone), Antero Priha (trumpet)
Produced by Lauri KettunenAssistant producer: Jorma HämäläinenRecorded 2-5/1990 at MTV Mobile and MTV Music Studios 1 & 2, HelsinkiRecording engineers: Lauri Kettunen, Jorma Hämäläinen, Jari LaasanenMixed at MTV Music Studio 2, Helsinki 4-5/1990Mixing engineer: Jorma Hämäläinen