SAMtal: Double exposure

Cover design and photography by Maarit Kytöharju.

2022 Satnamusic CD 221

1.Four miniatures
2.Memories of India
3.Follow the white rabbit
4.A night in Warsaw
5.Dreaming of electric sheep
7.Light blues
8.Inside the musical box
9.The day we met
10.Sounds and voices

All music by Hille / Lötjönen / Assefa.

Sid Hille (acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Micro Brute synthesizer, Moog, theremin, additional percussion), Antti Lötjönen (double bass, pBuzz, balafon, musical boxes, additional percussion), Abdissa Assefa (drumset, bendir, slitdrum, congas, bells, cymbals, gongs).

Exposure 1: Recorded live in concert 10.11.2021 at Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki by Roni Ylhäinen
Exposure 2: Recorded live 7.12.2021 at Ambience Studios, Helsinki by Abdissa Assefa
”The music…was recorded in two live sessions…The second session was superimposed on top of the first one whereby creating a multi-faceted and unpredictable soundscape of intricate texture.”
The music on both performances was entirely improvised, nothing was added, nothing was left out, except for the addition on the melodica on track 2 and the congas on tracks 2 & 11, recorded  7.2.2022.
Produced by Sid Hille
Mixed and mastered by Abdissa Assefa in spring 2022