Larry Benson Ensemble: Tuisku

1994 Poetry Picnic POE-001
1.Ornithology (B. Harris, C. Parker)
2.Tango (LBEand M. Pulkkinen)
3.Tuisku (LBE)4.Resolution (J. Coltrane)5.Further information (LBE)6.Meu! (LBE)7.Free rit (LBE)8.Raving with Salvador (A. Sunell)
9.Raving with pain (A. Heerman)
10.Polar (LBE)11.Larry’s theme (LBE)
Antti Heerman (violin, 5-string electric violin, keyboards, vocoder, voice), Antti Sunell (electric & acoustic guitars, voice), Juha-Ville Juntunen (electric bass), Mikko Holappa (drums, cymbals)
Special guests:
Kari Ikonen: synth solos on 2 and 3Osmo Blomqvist: percussion on 1, 7 and 11
Produced by LBE and Jyrki VikströmEngineering: Jyrki Vikström, Timo SiiraRecorded and mixed at Musiikkifarmi 3/94
Edellinen artikkeliOrrenmaa, Tuppu: Funky
Seuraava artikkeliDecoy: Mono