JP’s: Testament


The JP’s: Testament
2004 Texicalli TEXCD 04

The JP's: Testament

Artwork: J. Uotila at nggd.

1.Swingin’ with Penelope
2.The liberator
3.My people, soul people
5.Me and my monkey
6.Days of cobra
7.Virtasen yhtye soittaa jatsia
8.Hip trip
9.Hard days night
10.Barracuda lady
11.Do you see what I see (LOVE)
12.Movin’ out
13.Soul food party
14.Pablo the one-armed bandit
15.Chili con soul
17.I found my brother
18.Up right
19.Space balls
21.The phantom
22.Organ Morgan
23.Mind transplant
24.The in between
26.Penelope (Live @ Budokan)
27.Barracuda lady
28. Kung fusion
29.Swingin’ with Penelope
30.I would like to say (Thank you and goodbye)
31.Is it a crime
32.Funk you
33.Me and my monkey
34.Hey Mrs. Jones
35.Micro jazz groove
36.Oriental bo-bo

All compositions by J-P Virtanen, except:
9: Lennon, McCartney
34: Reagan, Miller

J-P Virtanen (org), Pekka Lehti (b), Janne Haavisto (dr).

Kokoelman tuottajat = Compilation produced by: J-P Virtanen, Janne Haavisto
Masterointi = Mastered by: Pauli Saastamoinen, Finnvox