Delirium: Green side up


2011 Ilk ILK72CD

Cover art: Mikko Innanen ; Design:

1.Dithers for schwitters (Westergaard)
2.Sunspots (Tranberg)
3.The blues in yellow room (Innanen)
4.The coda of Ornette Coleman’s blues connotation and other sources of inspiration (Innanen)
5.Sudden happiness (Innanen)
6.Brederode bolero (Innanen)
7.Green side up – the geography of breakfast (Tranberg)
8.Clustrophy (Innanen)
9.Confessions of a congressman (Innanen)
10.North American territory suite (Westergaard)

Kasper Tranberg (cnt, tp), Mikko Inanen (as, bs, ss), Jonas Westergaard (b), Stefan Pasborg (dr, perc).

Produced by Delirium
Recorded, mixed and mastered by John Fomsgaard at Karmacrew Studio, Copenhagen