Klima Kalima: Loru


2010 Yellowbird Records / Enja ENJ 9198

Photos: Oliver Potratz ; Artwork: Franziska Erdle.

1.120 K on a water side
3.Mexico City drive school
5.A message on Dave Holland’s answering machine
6.Sneaking in the attic
7.Polonium polka putina
8.Ghosts, spirits and other  nonscientific forms of blues
9.The missing page 1964
10.Tomorrow A

All compositions by Kalle Kalima.

Kalle Kalima (g, voc), Oliver Potratz (b), Oliver Steidle (dr, perc, acc).

+ 9: Jimi Tenor (voc, fl, photofon, keyb)

Produced by Kalle Kalima
Executive producer: Werner Aldinger
1-8, 10 recorded 9/2009 by Jean Szymczak and Andreas Stoffels at StudioP4, Berlin
9 recorded 4/2009 by Jochen Ströh at Lovelight Studio, Berlin
Mixed and mastered 10-12/2009 by Jean Szymczak