Innanen, Mikko: F60.8


2007 Ilma Records/æon AECD 0872

Mikko Innanen: F60

Cover design: Pekka Tuppurainen.

1.Down the drain
2.So 90’s
3.I have a dream
5.Here I come
6.Heavy mental
7.I don’t know
8.Shining armour
9.Sparkling mullet
10.Bubbling under
11.I am not alone
12.In pain we find love
13.In suffering we find mercy
14.I know
15.Yesterday’s sunshine

All compositions by Mikko Innanen.

Mikko Innanen (ss, as, ts, bs, ragelis).

Original recordings produced by Mikko Innanen
Postproduction, mixing, editing and mastering by Pekka Tuppurainen at Sound Production Company Lehto & Tuppurainen, Turku, and Studio 345 and Studio Lilli, Stockholm