Simons, Jan: Travellers

Cover picture by Robert Lynden ; Graphic design by Mika Wist.

2016 Rithem Music

1.Travellers (Jan Simons)
2.A sunny day (Jan Simons)
3.Tippy toe (Jan Simons)
4.Brothers (Niklas Winter)
5.Suffix (Jan Simons)
6.Tres special (Kenneth Crouch)
7.Old devil moon /Lane/Harburg)
8.Timbuktu (Jan Simons)
9.One for all of you (Jan Simons)

Kenneth Crouch (piano), Adam Hawley (guitar), Jan Simons (bass), Lyndon Rochelle (drums).

Recorded 10/2015 in Los Angeles by Dennis Moody
Mixed by Jan Erik Kongshaug
Mastered by Björn Engelmann
Produced by Jan Simons except track 6 produced by Jan Simons and Kenneth Crouch