Gaines, Many: Have a seat

Photos by Mandy Gaines and Pete Foley ; Design by Pirta Mikkola.
Many Gaines + 2
2011 AMK-1005
1.I’m gonna sit right down (and write myself a letter) (Ahlert/Young)
2.Blame it on my youth (Levant/Heyman)
3.Too close for comfort (Bock/Weiss/Holofcener)
4.Girl talk (Hefti/Troup)5,For all we know (Coots/Lewis)
6.Exactly like you (McHugh/Fields)
7.I wish I’d met you (Bennett/Mandel/Underwood)
8.I wish you love (Chauliac/Beach)
Arrangement by Atro ”Wade” Mikkola.
Many Gaines (vocals, whistle), Petri Krzywacki (guitar), Atro ”Wade” Mikkola (bass).
Recorded 10/2008 and 10/2009 at Godzinsky Soundteam Studios, mixed 10/2010, mastered 9/2011
Engineer: Robert de Godzinsky