Cave Men: Cave Men

28.2.2004 • Osio: Levydata

2003 J2K Records #2003-1

1.5 for Eddie (Kleutgens)
2.Make no mistake (Kotikoski)
3.Country (Kotikoski)
4.Time sensitive (Kleutgens)
5.Antti goes to war (Tavaglione)
6.Sanctuary (Kleutgens)
7.Cave Men (Kleutgens, Kotikoski, Tavaglione, Colaiuta)
8.Sitar (Kotikoski)
9.Off the record (Kleutgens)
10.The word’s out (Tavaglione)

J. K. Kleutgens (b, piccolo bass, acoustic bass guitar), Antti Kotikoski (g), Steve Tavaglione (ts, ss, ewi), Vinnie Colaiuta (dr)

Recorded at The Cave, North Hollywood, CA, 8/2002.
Additional recording at the Sauna Room #4, Sherman Oaks CA, 8-12/2002 and at the Closet, Sherman Oaks CA, 8/2002.
Mastered at DKP Studios, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA by Dirk K.