Hille, Sid: Dunjin’s dance

01.4.2003 • Osio: Levydata

1993 Satnam Productions Riff 85029-2

Sid Hille

Photography & design: Ingo Jung

1.Dunjin’s dance (Hille)
2.Searching the quiet place (Hille)
3.Notes from a traveller (Burks)
4.Temple of Geha (Hille)
5.Mombassa afrique (Hille)
6.The little mountain (Hille)
7.The last moment (Hille, Burks)
8.Don’t lose that number (Hille)

Sid Hille (p, synt), Frank Burks (g), Hein van de Geyn (b), André Ceccarelli (dr), Sylvain Beuf (sax), Paulien van Schalk (voc)

Produced by Sid Hille, Frank Burks
Recorded and mixed by Peter Bulkens at Studio Impuls and Studio Ace 10-11/92