Partylandmen: Manitoba motorway


The Partylandmen: Manitoba motorway
2003 Hankikanto HKT 500


Cover : Tomi Riionheimo.

1.The Partylandmen theme
2.Manitoba motorway
3.Ant asteroid
4.Romantic tin can
5.Screw 6.Chinese lipstick
7.Sea see hallelujah
8.Cuban ice heart
9.Froggy Jericho
10.Mongolian space walk
11.Static roll on
12.Blow pain away, you fool!
13.Oral FM
14.Food drops
15.That’s mama!
17.Kaleidos shake
18.Swampy Jack
19.Lickle one aria
21.Fake Newton
22.Styrox theme
23.Plug out

Music by The Partylandmen, except 1 & 19 by Joronen/Partylandmen.

Jouni Joronen (org, p, synt, dr, perc, fl, voc), Lauri Hannu (bjo, g, dr, perc, b, synt, voc).

Produced by Lauri Hannu
Recorded by The Partylandmen at Tiny Stick Studio during 2003
Edited at Tiny Stick Studio by Lauri Hannu
Mastered by Tomi Pietilä at Mixroom Studio, 8/2004